Virginia Lannen

Pegasus School of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Dallas, Texas

Virginia Lannen is Chair and CEO of Pegasus School of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Ms. Lannen received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Austin College in Sherman, Texas. Spanning six legislative sessions, Ms. Lannen served as legislative aide for a Texas State Representative and then for a State Senator. She worked closely with the Senate Education Committee dealing with a myriad of education issues. In 1996 Ms. Lannen helped found the Pegasus School, one of the First Generation Open-Enrollment Charter Schools in Texas.  The school has the unique mission of being a liberal arts and sciences school in Downtown Dallas, using the downtown resources as a learning laboratory. Pegasus serves students in grades K-12. Ms. Lannen currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Texas League of Community Charter Schools, a statewide member association of Texas open-enrollment charter schools and operators. Additionally, she serves on the board of Charter Schools Now, the Texas Charter School Association’s affiliated 501(c) (4) organization. Ms. Lannen was one of the Founders and Board Members of the Association of Charter Educators, the first Association dedicated to the interests of Texas Public Charter Schools and their students. She has been a trainer and charter school course provider for other charter school officers and directors.