Town hall

On October 11–13, 2017 educators and advocates representing charter schools in 24 states gathered in Queens for candid conversation on critical issues in education reform and democracy, persistent inequity around race, gender and immigration status, and the future of chartering.


At our Town Hall Meeting on the morning of October 12, we debated and passed the following:


Whereas: Our schools embrace our diverse communities, which include immigrants, people of color, children with disabilities, the homeless, English language learners, people of all faiths, and the LGBTQ community.


We are united behind the original chartering principles, including the requirement that every state have at least one independent entity that is empowered to authorize, evaluate, and either renew or close a school, based on its contract.


The idea of “charter schooling” has become too narrowly defined, charter advocacy has become overly divisive, and many in the charter arena seem to be losing sight of a fundamental truth: public schools, including charter schools, are a public trust.


We aspire to be great community schools of choice for the students and the families we serve.


We support the empowerment of educators.

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