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Academia Avance

Los Angeles, CA | 400 Students | 6-12 Grade

Avance exemplifies student success as academic and professional empowerment and community leadership. Avance sets the standard for public charter school excellence via rigorous college and career preparation that inspires a life time of learning and leading. Avance places quality education first, and values a professional culture of community, diversity and fiscal and social responsibility.

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Skyview Schools

Prescott, AZ | 230 Students | K-8 Grade

Skyview School’s mission is to enrich the lives of students and to ensure that future generations are well prepared to live their lives with meaning, dignity, and the ability to work together for a better world. Respect and responsibility toward self, others, and the natural environment are our guiding principles.  We believe that children possess a blend of multiple intelligences and, drawing on “the best practices in education”, we celebrate each child’s uniqueness, tailoring education to develop the fullest potential of each learner. Encouraging a sense of competence and self-motivation, classroom life is interwoven with community life through practical experiences.

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