CPICS at the NYLC's 2019 Service Learning Conference

image source: NYLC Facebook

CPICS highlighted several community service learning programs at independent charter schools at “Nurturing Learners, Growing Leaders”, the 30th Annual National Service-Learning Conference,  held at New Foundations Charter School in Philadelphia, PA (www.nylc.org), April 14-16, 2019. Work at these schools was shared as examples of work ongoing in many public independent charter schools:

  • Ivy Academy - Chattanooga, Tennessee - an ongoing service learning project using a donated and renovated boat as platform for students to perform cleanup activities for over five years - the Tennessee River Rescue

  • STAR Academy - Flagstaff, Arizona – a school and community focus on clean water - including fruit-infused water throughout the school, student influencing their families, and a re-purposed school bus where trained students test residential waters for arsenic, lead and other contaminants and assist in purification efforts.

  • Foundation Academies - Trenton, New Jersey students discussed their community service projects, developed during a semester-long course that all juniors take (for example, haircuts for homeless men).

We know that many independent charters also include community service and learning experiences in their missions and programs. We believe there are successes and lessons learned to share. Our program in Albuquerque will include a strand for such sharing and collaboration.

View our powerpoint presentation here.


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