In Case You Missed It: CPICS Virtual Conference

Participating in events like our Virtual Conference in real time is a real 21st century treat. How often do we get the chance—in the space of two hours— to step into classrooms in Ohio, California, Maine, Minnesota and Utah and talk with charter school founders in Alabama, New Mexico, Florida, New York and Arizona? And how often do we get to navigate these journeys under the experienced guidance of journalists like John Merrowand educators like Debbie Meier? Not too often. Oh—did you miss it? Well, despair not because it is all here Please share widely. These are stories that need sharing:

  • The first integrated public school in the second poorest county in Alabama -- an independent charter school, of course!

  • A high school that takes at-risk kids in St. Paul and teaches them the ins and outs of recording arts -- an independent charter school, of course!

  • A dual language school for students who sign and students who hear -- an independent charter school, of course!

We could go on -- but why don’t you just curl up with your iPad and enjoy?

And, while you’re at it, become a member of CPICS so that we can keep on with this work!

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