Commitment to Independence

As a CPICS member, you are part of a community of educators and supporters committed to the improvement of public education by promoting the democratic principles, autonomy, innovation and spirit of collaboration that are the bedrock of the movement for chartered schools.


Running an independent chartered school is a daunting task, especially during startup. You don’t, however, have to do it alone. CPICS is run, governed and driven by the agenda of its members. We work side-by-side with our members to help develop and share best practices, to promote policies that strengthen charter school laws and to encourage collaboration and equitable practices among all public schools. CPICS membership is your affirmation of the power of our principles.


As members of a community of educators and stakeholders, we believe in the transformative power of schools to change the lives of young people. We are certain that chartering can encourage innovation in the organization and programs of public schools and are eager to share what we learn.

We agree to operate our schools within the following ethical and operational guidelines:


  • Maintenance of IRS not-for-profit status

  • Compliance with all federal and state laws regarding financial transparency, operational transparency, and accountability

  • Practice of site-based decision making

  • Elimination of exclusionary admissions requirements or admissions tests

  • Affirmation of the Coalition’s “Statement of Principles

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We have begun our membership drive for the 2020-2021 school year. If you believe in the work we are doing and our Statement of Principles then join us. Become a CPICS school member. CPICS membership is currently $2/student. Please note there is a $2000 cap for schools serving more than 1000 students. 

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