Mary Rumpz

Townsend Community School
Castalia, Ohio

Mary Rumpz has started two successful dropout prevention credit recovery charter schools over the past decade. She has worked in all aspects of both programs from educator, home visit officer, EMIS coordinator (management of the student information system), enrollment, contributed significantly to the initial design of the computer program used to capture data, to her current position as chief operations director. Even though Ms. Rumpz did not have a background in education, she came into the educational environment with real world experiences that enabled her to operate schools that have been designated as exemplary in their State, as well as been run in a fiscally responsible manner. She worked to design a 21st century learning facility that not only meets the academic needs of the at-risk student but, more importantly, their social and emotional needs. Ms. Rumpz’ mission has never wavered from providing underprivileged students with an opportunity to receive a high school diploma and expand on the possibilities for their future.