Be a presenter at the 2019 Independent Charter School Symposium. We’re asking big questions; we’re looking for big ideas. The kinds of ideas that have come from a sector that has the spirit of innovation and the commitment to democratic values. Here is your opportunity to share the lessons you’ve learned. Take a look at the conference “Strands” and the different presentation formats. Then fill out the form with your ideas for a presentation, workshop or hot-topic round table. This movement is yours!

symposium strands

innovation & multiple measures

Innovation and Multiple Measures go hand in hand. What are you doing in your school that’s really cool? How are you measuring success?

Saving The Teaching Profession

Teachers are leaving or retiring and fewer young people are entering the profession. The vanishing talent pipeline is a crisis-in-the-making. Why is this happening? What needs to be done to turn this around? What can we do?

healing our communities; healing the world

Catastrophic floods, droughts, fires and storms are now the norm. Economic disparity is widening. Many communities are in pain. What are we doing in our schools so that this and future generations of students can have a habitable world? Tell us about your service projects.

Race, Diversity & School Culture

How can we best ensure diversity throughout our school including leadership and governance? How does school culture reflect diversity? What about schools that choose self esteem via cultural identity rather than diversity?

student-led strand

Climate Crisis and its intersectionality with race, gender and equity issues

Our students are taking the lead in addressing these challenges. How can we amplify their voices? How can we support their efforts? What can we do now to ensure policy, curriculum and our school culture will confront these challenges?

Reaching all learners

What are some of the great lessons we’ve learned in working with vulnerable populations and students with extreme life challenges?


How do we counter the myths and misinformation? How do we make our case to progressives? How do we promote the indie charter model without “splitting the sector?” How the hell did we get here?

start-up bootcamp

Startup indie charter schools face enormous hurdles and don’t have the resources provided by CMO’s. But startups can generate great energy. Let’s share some of our greatest startup stories for the benefit of all the new startups out there.


Ignite Talk (5 minutes/20 slides)

  • 5 Minute Speaker-led talks featuring 20 slides that change every 15 seconds.

Hot Topic Roundtable (50 minutes: Moderator and 3-4 panelists)

  • You are the moderator/anchor. Choose a “Hot Topic.” Recruit other attendees to join the discussion. Keep it real!


Standard Presentation (50 minutes)

  • Traditional lecture format followed by Q&A from audience 


Tag Team (50 minutes with 1 or 2 partners)

  • Do your presentation with a partner or two. Keep it lively.


Workshop (90–120 minutes)

  • An in-depth, instructional program with takeaways and hands-on learning.

Short and to the Point (15 minutes)

  • 10 minute presentation followed by 5 minute Q & A. Leave them wanting more.


If none of the above work, choose your own format. Show us what you've got!

PROPOSAL Requirements and selection process

The application process is online and simple. You will be asked to supply:

  • Presentation summary (1 page max) and

  • 100-word bio of presenter(s)

Plus a

  • 60-second video summary (iPhone quality is fine) OR

  • 4-5 slide PowerPoint “pitch deck”


*Please indicate if you are open to participating in a panel related to your proposal or are open to a modification of your proposal.

About the selection process: CPICS will judge submissions based on originality, pertinence to the symposium strand and overall relevance to critical issues in public education. Submissions may be made public to help us determine the sessions attendees want to see.


Proposals are due by May 27, 2019 (deadline extended July 26, 2019) 


Selections of presenters will be made by July 31, 2019


Presenters will be given registration discounts.


Please email if you need assistance or for troubleshooting concerns.

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