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As our nation struggles through the most disconcerting times many of us have ever experienced, and as the debate around charter schools has become more polarized and subject to disinformation NOW is the time for leaders of our country’s independent, community-based, teacher-empowered charter schools to stand and make their voices heard.

highlighted panels

Confronting the Polarization in Public Education
Yazzie vs nm and National implications for education rights

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Thank you for joining us at School Visit Day on November 20, 2019

In addition to our mind-opening programming we’re invited participants to spend an additional day in Albuquerque with us to explore some remarkable charter schools in the area for school visits.

Along with Cypress Tree New Mexico, we selected a few charter schools with incredible stories and outstanding school models. These schools are a living lesson of our principles and of the work member schools perform in transforming the lives of the young people.

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