Dianne Jacobson

Skyview School, Inc.
Prescott, Arizona

Dianne is a native of Prescott, Arizona. She has been intimately involved with elementary education since 1997, when she came upon a Waldorf-inspired Michaelmas celebration. Since then, she has served on charter governing boards and worked hundreds of hours supporting charter education in Prescott as a parent and volunteer. Dianne finally found her home at Skyview School in 2006 as the Operations Manager. It was here that her commitment to the charter movement truly took hold. Although she always understood the academic and social benefits charters provided children, at Skyview she became aware of a deeper truth - charters have the ability to nurture and even heal a child's desire to learn. This "whole child" approach to education can be explored within the autonomy of charter school design, especially when most charters' curricula and methods are developed by educators and parents, and not politicians and legislators.